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0000447FlexRAID Transparent RAID[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-01-28 10:022017-01-28 14:55
Windows x64 / Storage ServerWindows 2013 R2
0000447: Starting of storage pool end-up in a blocking loop if regular expression for landing-disk is invalid
If an invalid regular expression is entered in the landing-disk dialog (include or exclude doesn't matter) the pool startup will result in a endless loop, either by starting it manually or by server reboot.
If trace-logging is active the logfile if filled with a lots of lines like this:

[2016-11-24 12:37:54.233758][2980]      Invalid restriction pattern: /(?i)(?:[\w]\:|\\)\\(Videos|Games)

The log-file grows within seconds to several megabytes in size. The pool won't start, its drive letter does not appear. Pool related actions in the Web Interface are blocked too, theres no reaction anymore (except a timeout).
Go in the FlexRaid webinterface, select a Raid-Configuration and:
1) Go to "Advanced Options"
2) Click "Storage accleration"
3) Add a invalid (syntax) "EXCLUSION" restriction. Example: "/(?i)(?:[\w]\:|\\)\\(Videos|Games)"
4) Click "Add"
5) Close the window and either Stop/Start the pool or reboot the Server
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2017-01-28 14:55   
This issue is fixed for the next release.
Thanks for the report.