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0000453FlexRAID Transparent RAID[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-03-22 21:272017-11-23 14:01
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PlatformWindowsOSServer 2012 r2OS Version
Summary0000453: Implementation of bitrot protection to avoid silent corruption of data
DescriptionOne of the advantages of the ZFS filesystem is the the ability for the filesystem to automatically checksum data and compare against parity to see if bitrot has set in. As part of a scheduled scrub routine it can then repair the data from the parity, other mirrors or rebuild the parity if the checksum differs from the original recorded data.

Implementing a set of routines that records checksum data on creation in the filesystem, can run comparisons to the stored checksums and then 'heal' the data if found to be inconsistent would have immense value in creating a self-healing filesystem on Windows.

This would provide some of the advtanges of ZFS without the issues of fixed vdev sizes and inability to power down drives etc.
Steps To ReproduceN/A as this is a feature request but bitrot will set in at some point on some files leading to corruption.
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tRAID Version 1.1
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Benoire (reporter)
2017-03-22 21:27

See forum link:,49234.0.html [^]
raerae1616 (reporter)
2017-06-22 06:03

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